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A Brief History of Jim

To be continued...

Benefits of Volunteering

Reference: Volunteering and its Surprising Benefits

Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote every day about the kind of community you want to live in.

― Dr Syed Muhammad Zeeshan Hussain Almashhadi

New England GiveCamp 2010

The Beginning

...So why did I go back?

looking back on #negc2010 a few things that really stand out for me: The support everyone provided not only to the NPO's but also eachother

Kelley Muir
June 15, 2010

Powerful message from one charity reps - she is *really* appreciative, fighting tears as she thanks everyone for making an impact #negc2010

Bill Wilder
June 13, 2010

New England GiveCamp 2011


Thank you to the nonprofits, volunteers and donors who made #negc2011 a complete triumph. You're all stars! #givecamp

New England GiveCamp
May 2, 2011

I Landed a Job!
New England GiveCamp 2012

I Might Know What I'm Doing

Another amazing GiveCamp. The things dedicated folks can build in just one weekend are amazing. #negc2012

Ian Muir
May 6, 2012

Just demo'd our new site @NEGiveCamp & I'm SO proud of our team! Thx, volunteers 4 making our 'wildest dreams' come true #negc2012 #Oprah

Future Chefs
May 6, 2012

New England GiveCamp 2013


Had a great time at #negc2013 with @FutureChefs - best team ever !

reiko beach
April 28, 2013

always amazed, but never surprised, by the impact and magic of New England #GiveCamp - privileged to part of that community #negc2013

Jim O'Neil
April 29, 2013

New England GiveCamp 2014

Taking a Breather

24 working hours. One totally custom theme. #boom #negc2014

Mel Choyce
April 6, 2014

Landed a second gig!
New England GiveCamp 2015

Giving it Another Shot

New England GiveCamp 2016+

Still Going Strong

The Giving Feedback Loop

#negc2017 camping life. The advantage to camping in an office is there is a ready outlet for the air mattress.

Jim Reevior
April 30, 2017

Thank You

Jim Reevior